Welcome to SEFCRESED !

We at SEFCRESED understand that no work of consequence can either be initiated or accomplished if implementing organizations are not armed with requisite and adequate primary and secondary database. This is also crucial for the organizations to communicate with the grassroot, and percolate the results to the target sections.

Our Goal & Objectives

Aim of the Society is to develop poorer & economically weaker peoples & students. Our Society purpose is to organized programme in all government / non-government school to provide Golden Opportunity to those students, who can develop his / her personality through awareness, empathy & skills.

This shall be achieved through sharing the objective to promote lifelong learning and delivery high quality and customer feedback, continually improving reliability level of in-house processes & identify oppurtunities for improvements.

Madadgar Sewa mission is to make real the idea of a society consisting of free and equal citizens who are able to come together and solve the problems that affect them in their particular contexts. The commitment is to work for a paradigm of development and governance that is democratic and polyarchic.